Massage Treatments


With the every day stress and anxieties life can bring, it is important to take a bit of time out to unwind. Swedish massage is well known for its benefits in relaxion and releasing tight, tense muscles, but it also has many other benefits.


£45 / 60 MINUTES

A full body massage is the perfect way to achieve total relaxation, helping to reduce stress and relieve symptoms of anxieties and depression as well as encouraging sleep. It’s also good for women who suffer with pain during their menstrual cycle, stimulating circulation, aiding digestion and increasing white blood cells which help strengthen the immune system.


£25 / 30 MINUTES

Sometimes all you need is to get rid of those knots you acquire from lifting, or sitting at your desk all day. The back massage gives you all the benefits of a full body massage, concentrated solely on your back.


£15 / 20 MINUTES

Maybe it’s just your legs and feet that need a bit of attention. Do you exercise, run or wear high heels, causing you to feel stiff and achey at times? We can help ease those aches and pains and have you feeling fully relaxed in no time at all.

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